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Cuba Private Tours

                  Mojitos Secret Tours

Hello, I am Mister Mojito and I am a true Mojitos fan, I live in Havana and I am completely in love with the city, its culture and its gastronomy and the magical Mojito. That is why I have founded my own company of experiences here, called Good time Mojitos by Mister  Mojito.
I want to get you off the beaten track, in the narrowest secret streets of Havana, to taste the best Cuban dishes and mojitos in places outside the tourist routes.

Mister Mojito will reveal to you the hidden secrets that exist behind the Cuban Mojito.

Be an authentic Mojitero and let yourself be carried away by the aroma of the Cuban Mojito in an exclusive Classic car.

The Mojitos Secret Tours

The 4 hours experience is all in one, Citytours + 4 Mojito tasting + Mojitos Classe wiht certified by Mister Mojito  + Creole Lunch + Classic car ride all the time through to authentic corner bars in Havana streets.

Look at the real city through the window of a nice Classic car with a Mojito in your hand.

The secret route of the Mojito in classic car starts in Vedado Centro ,Mister Mojito will be waiting with a Mojito in hand.
The Mojito Good Time Tours departure at 12.00pm in classic car for different areas of Havana, where we will stop in secret corner and enjoy several mojitos and learn the history of the Mojito Cuban national drink, the classic car will give a big time tour and different stop for lunch and for Mojitos Classes.  

You can bring:

Your camera

Some pen and paper


Be ready to have a good time with Mister Mojito


PRICE = 129cuc por person

(minimum two persons)


Our work is exciting, unique and new in Cuba, as difference we advise through an effective perspective.