Cuba Private Tours
Cuba Private Tours

              Cuba Environment Care

The team of cubaprivatetours we are lovers of nature, some are vegans and practice Yoga, we care for the environment with respect and love.

Cubaprivatetours Protect Plants & Wildlife

You may be among those who really like to visit natural areas. If you are, always remember that these areas are also home to many other species. Whether tramping through the forest, picnicking beside a river, or swimming at the beach, you are a visitor in someone’s home. Treat Cuba’s forests and birds with care and respect.

Be a responsible traveller.

Cubaprivatetours work with our  travellers, clients, employees, and local contacts to ensure the successes of our business go directly back into the community and into protecting Cuba’s  precious environment.

Minimising environmental damage for items that can carry a negative impact.

Following Cuban government and local council recommendations for preserving flora and fauna.

Treat Cuba’s forests and birds with care and respect, be responsible with your waste, Protect Plants & Wildlife,Remove Rubbis, Treat your Accommodation and Host Family with Respect, Respect Cuba’s Cultural Heritage


Our work is exciting, unique and new in Cuba, as difference we advise through an effective perspective.