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Cuba Private Tours

About the team

Cuba Private Tours, founded by El Mago Navi family and Business GURO from UK Mister Leif and is proud to have an excellent local team of local professionals, all of them dedicated to providing the finest tours their great city has to offer.

These friendly, knowledgeable guides will help you customize your tour according to your needs and interests, their goal being to make the time you spend in Cuba as enjoyable, as illuminating, and as comfortable as humanly possible.

The members of Cuba Private Tours team are equipped to do this with far more than professional credentials: they share a passion for Cuba’s art and history, a passion they are eager to pass on to visitors by introducing them to the city’s many architectural, aesthetic, and cultural delights.

About PrivateTours Locally Sourced

Cubaprivatetours is dedicated to providing you with an authentic and unforgettable Cuba tour experience. Our privatetours are designed to showcase the 'real' Cuba, including its lively culture, rich history and wonderful people. We focus on being local, personal and authentic with all the tours and Excursion we run

"Our mission is to give our guests the most authentic Cuban experience. Eat & drink in local Cuban eateries, explore the less-touristy areas, and surround yourself in the culture and arts of Cuba City."

Cubaprivatetours facilitate local guides and Cuban families interested in the tourism service, a form of authentic approach between tourists and our people and culture.

We aspire to making your visit to Cuba so wonderful that you will want to return again and again.


Our work is exciting, unique and new in Cuba, as difference we advise through an effective perspective.